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62: Battle Studies: Applying Ancient Combat Knowledge of Human Nature to Modern Leadership and Life


0:00:00 – Opening

0:09:35 – “Battle Studies”, a work by Ardand Du Picq. Discipline, preparedness, stress.  Comparisons with Ancient Battle tactics.

2:09:21 – Closing and Final Take-aways.

2:15:50 – Support, Workout stuff. Cool Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book) and The Muster002

2:51:09 – Closing Gratitude.

61: Confronting People Who’ve Been Talking Behind Your Back. How to Deal with Anger Management Issues. Be Careful With Praise.


0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:35 – How to Deal With Anger Management Issues.

0:10:35 – Is it possible to exhibit too much Extreme Ownership?

0:17:57 – Jocko Spars Jiu Jitsu with Rickson Gracie

0:39:02 – In a NEW Leadership role, When to use Firmness right away VS. When NOT to.

0:45:10 – How Praise can hurt performance VS How it can help performance.

0:53:42 – How to Detach without Seeming Completely Cold.

0:59:36 – Discipline in one Area does NOT Make up for Slack in Other Areas

1:07:51 – How to Confront someone who has been talking behind your back.

1:11:43 – Support: Cool Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book) and The Muster002

1:49:35 – Closing Gratitude.

60: The Importance of Standing Up Against Evil, and its Heavy Cost. “The Rape of Nanking”


0:00:00 – Opening

0:14:06 – “The Rape of Nanking” (Unspeakable Darkness)

1:15:21 – “The Woman Who Could Not Forget” by, Dr. Ying Ying Chang

1:58:25 – Lessons from the books.  Your Reality VS. Actual Reality.

2:12:01 – How to Get in the GAME. Support Stuff. Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Jocko’s Kids Book–Way of the Warrior Kid,  Extreme Ownership (book) and The Muster002

2:33:07 – Closing Gratitude.

59: Valuable & Applicable Lessons from Battle that Apply Directly to Your Life, w/ Brian Stann


Brian Stann, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, awarded the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest award for valor in combat.  Retired UFC Fighter. UFC Commentator

0:00:00 – Opening

0:04:25 – Brian Stann Intro and Background

0:11:52 – Importance of Standards and Discipline

0:21:56 – The Leadership Factory: What makes a good leader vs bad leader.

0:38:45 – Brian Stann Enters the Marine Corps

0:48:10 – Brian Stann’s Entry To Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

0:54:00 – Combat Life

1:30:21 – The Burden of The Leader

1:44:34 – More Ops in Iraq

1:59:48 – Brian Stann Goes into Professional MMA & The UFC

2:18:55 – Hire Heroes USA – Jobs Program for Vets (

2:21:27 – The Guardian Project – Martial Arts for At Risk Youth (

2:26:52 – Closing Questions and Thoughts

2:27:57 – Support: Cool Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book) and The Muster002

2:39:09 – Closing Gratitude

58: Overcoming Regrets of a Wasted Life, How to Maximize Morale, Aligning Goals Up the Chain


0:00:00 – Opening: “How to Tell a Mother Her Child is Dead”, by Naomi Rosenberg

0:15:17 – John R.M. Byrnes Letter to his Daughter

0:49:49 – Overcoming regrets of wasted time/life.

0:57:51 – Maximizing Employee/Team morale after firing a popular supervisor.

1:03:59 – How to capitalize with a substandard supervisor.

1:12:57 – Step-by-step Learning VS Creative Learning, in Jiu Jitsu and Life.

1:31:53 – Goals Not Aligning up the Chain of Command.

1:37:48 – Jocko’s Next book Very soon.

1:46:14 – Cool Support, Onnit, Jocko Store, Psych Warfare, Jocko Tea stuff. Extreme Ownership Muster 002. Youtube.

1:57:41 – Closing Gratitude.

57: STRATEGIKON: How to Apply Timeless Combat Leadership Lessons to the Battlefield, Business and Life


0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:33 – “Strategikon: Handbook of Byzantine Military Strategy”, by Maurice

1:41:58 – Final Thoughts

1:49:13 – Interesting Internet stuff and support: Onnit, Amazon Click-thru, JockoStore, YouTube, Psychological Warfare(on iTunes), Jocko White Tea, Extreme Ownership (Book), The Muster 002.

2:18:51 – Closing Gratitude

56: Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and The Darkness with Peter Attia


0:00:00 – Opening – “The Corner”

0:08:55 – Peter Attia Intro

0:11:03 – Beginnings Of Peter Attia.  From Mechanical Engineering & Math to Medicine.

0:20:02 – Johns Hopkins Hospital and turmoil.

0:27:24 – Addiction to Pain-killers

0:39:53 – Sleep Deprivation

0:52:03 – Desensitized to the horrors of the Hospital VS Emotional attachments to patients.

1:09:01 – Surprising Negatives and Positives about Human Nature.

1:16:36 – Peter Attia Self Reflection and Lessons learned.

1:30:21 – Frustration and Fighting the system.  Then leaving.

1:41:45 – Switching to Consulting

1:56:09 – Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle

2:20:34 – Final Thoughts

2:26:20 – Interesting Support stuff. Onnit Supplements,  Jocko Store, Amazon Click-Through , Psychological Warfare on iTunes.

2:37:09 – Jocko White Tea, Extreme Ownership Muster 002

2:42:57 – Final Gratitude and Closing

55: How to Eliminate Complacency with Age, Dealing w/ Hostile Drunk Idiots, Vets w/ Bad Behavior.


0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:00 – How Important is “Purpose”, or your “Why”?

0:07:36 –  If you had to choose:  Jiu Jitsu Gym VS Regular Gym.

0:17:45 – Advice for An Encounter with a Hostile Drunk Idiot

0:35:19 – Leading the Command Staff to understand the Ground Troops

0:43:18 – More on How to Emotionally Detach from Heated Situations

0:49:28 – Dealing with Vets who use Vet Status to excuse bad behavior.

0:58:51 – Default Aggressive in Jiu Jitsu.  Streets, Competition, and Training

1:12:31 – Does Complacency come with Age?

1:16:06 – Interesting and Helpful:  Onnit, Jocko Store, Amazon Support, Jocko White Tea, Muster 002

54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the “Armed Forces Officer Manual”


0:00:00 – Opening “Uneasy Lies the head who wears the crown…”

0:09:27 – “The Armed Forces Officer” Military Manual 

1950 Version (Limited)

Critical Elements: Nobody’s Perfect, Bragging Rights for Hard work, Unselfishness commands Loyalty, Write Well / Speak Well, Humility,  Physical Conditioning, Empower Others.

3:05:18 – The Take-away

3:07:18 – Cool Internet, Onnit, Amazon, JockoStore stuff along with Muster 002 and Jocko White Tea info.

3:27:08 – Final Thoughts and Gratitude